The Original Crafters

About TOC:

About TOC

Geoff Semans, manager

The Original Crafters is managed by Geoff Semans, the founder of the company. He handles most of the sales and business related matters. Being a person who enjoys working with his hands building things and interacting with the customers, Geoff spends as much time on the job as possible. Sawing wood, driving nails, supervising, it's all in his blood.

Bruce Bensing, supervisor

Bruce Bensing joined the company 10 years ago and brings a combination of skill, integrity and a strong work ethic that makes him a valuable person to both the company and to all of the customers. His dedication and sincerity make him appreciated by all. Bruce is a key person on the job whose dual role is to maintain the quality standards of the company’s employees and subcontractors, and to communicate with our clients and take care of their concerns.